First Post – Eclectic Vinyl Orchestra

This is my first blog post for the Eclectic Vinyl Orchestra site.
As we continued to expand on EVO’s song list, I found myself remembering or re-visiting the time when I first came across the song, what album it was on and where that song, album or performer led me.

In EVO, we follow a rule or rather a guideline that we will only perform songs written or published before 1960. There are a lot of fine songs written after that time, of course, but we didn’t want to carelessly wander into becoming a sixties tribute or a classic rock band. This guideline allows us to explore a wide range of music from the 20s to the 50s.
As you will likely see throughout these posts from me and the rest of the band, some of the songs were discovered through next generation artists from the post 60s era. In some cases, these artists led us back to the original recordings. Not being a jazz musician, I relied on these second generation interpretations by artists such as Willie Nelson, the Band or Eric Clapton (and even Van Halen) to introduce me to these songs and to show me how great some of these songs were and still are. As we added some of these old jazz standards to our song list, we also began mining more and more R&B songs from the 50s. The 50s R&B is swimming with saxophone and really gives our sax man Jim a chance to wail. Some of these R&B classics were the children of Louis Jordan’s jump blues from the 40s. These 40 and 50s classics also spawned some of the R&B and Rock & Roll sounds and bands I grew up with in the 60s.
I invite you, throughout these posts, to offer song suggestions or memories. We are always looking for new/old songs.

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