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Last Chance to Dance – Live Video

We have started adding original songs to our set list, and we’ve recorded a video of one of Matty’s called “Last Chance to Dance”. It should be out in the spring. Here is the song during our latest performance at the Red Brick Cafe. Below is Matty’s comment on how the song grew.

“This Could Be Our LAST CHANCE TO DANCE!”. We sing it three times, and the fourth time it’s a yell!
I couldn’t think of a chorus, or even any lyrics really, but the use of minor chords and a woodwind melody gave the song its working title: “Klezmer”. That’s how we referred to the song for months… then the lyrics came one night. This song felt like the anticipation of a great night out, and hoping the band would play their best songs.

“There’s no one in the street now,
Everybody just watched the sun go down.
Put your best shoes on your feet now,
And get ready to go downtown!”

“Hey! Hey! Whatd’ya say? Could you play that swingin’ sound?
‘Tuxedo Junction’ or ‘Pennies From Heaven’ or ‘Lulu’s Back In Town’?”

The opening horn line is actually something I wrote 20 years ago as a swing melody on mandolin, but it just didn’t fit with any music I was playing at the time. When I brought it to EVO we straightened it out and gave it to Jimmy on Tenor Sax who gave it the power and life that it needs for the kind of music we’re playing. Kerry kicks the whole thing off with a killer floor tom rhythm that made us all want to dance right off the bat, and it’s impossible to ignore. I also really wanted Stu to sing the main part. His voice is so rich and expressive, and if he sings the main part it leaves me room to try something I’ve always wanted to do: 2 part vocals, with 2 different sets of lyrics AND rhythmic delivery.

The last verse is now crazy fun with 2 different verses actually happening at the same time! I’m absolutely thrilled with the way the arrangement worked and I can’t thank the boys in the band enough for their energy and attention to detail.


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