5 Reasons Why You (Yes, You!) Want to Swing Dance

As many of you know, this coming Friday May 27th Eclectic Vinyl Orchestra will be hosting a Swing Dance Party at Bookshelf’s ebar.  There have been some questions and comments about the event, that we hope to address with this post.

First off, for those who don’t have the details, the Swing Dance Party will be taking place starting at 8pm, located upstairs at 41 Quebec Street in Guelph, Ontario.  Pay what you can, with a $5 suggested fee.  From 8pm until 9pm, we will be benefiting from the excellent dance teaching skills of Nico Muthui from Flying Dance Company.  Then the next phase of the party starts, where we perform songs to practise your new moves and also shoot footage for a video of “Saved” which was recently recorded at Turtleshell Studio in Breslau.

So on to the point of this post.

Reason 1 why you (yes, you!) want to swing dance:

Swing dancing is for everyone.  Singles, couples and groups of all types are welcome.  In the swing era, swing dancing was a key form of socializing.  Dancers could either stay as partners for the whole night, or they would switch partners after every song.  There are many swing dancing clubs around the world.  Many of them use phrases like

“no experience necessary, no need to bring your own dance partners, a welcoming social atmosphere and an absolutely memorable night out…”


“We believe that everyone can dance, regardless of age or experience. Socializing and community is integral to who we are, and we believe dancing should perfectly combine incredible music, art, and a fun atmosphere!”

Reason 2:

You get to dress down, or dress up!  As long as you can move your arms and legs in your clothes, you can swing dance.  Don’t feel you have to, but to get that “old school” look (which would be terrific for the video) see some of these examples:

Swing1 Swing2 Swing3 Swing4

Key things for guys to get that 20s to 50s look:

Key things for the ladies:

Reason 3:

The social and physical stimulation from swing dancing is great for both physical and mental well-being.  Dancing has even been shown in studies (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201310/why-is-dancing-so-good-your-brain) to offer protection from dementia and increase mental acuity!  And the endorphins released will probably leave you feeling great, no matter what mood you arrived in.

Reason 4:

You get connected to history.  Whether it’s your own history, friends’ history or the history in the room (we had people aged 18 to 80 dancing at our last party!), the timeless music and movements are a real sensory and physical connection to the past.

Reason 5:

You’ll meet some amazing people!  You never know who you might meet at a swing dance.  From your next door neighbour to the mayor or a famous musician (other than the four of us, that is!), it’ll be a great crowd of people worth meeting and getting to know.  To help out, dancing also releases oxytocin in our bodies.  Paul “Dr. Love” Zak says that people with higher levels of oxytocin are happier and “have better relationships of all types.”  Who knows?  Maybe someone will be meeting their future life partner!

We hope you like our 5 reasons.  Feel free to comment on any additional reasons you can think of below!


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